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Improved underwriting results with risk scoring

COVID-19: Notification on Business Continuity

The spread of COVID-19 worldwide continues to be a challenge. As the global scenario evolves, we want to immediately reassure that Intellect is carefully monitoring the situation and has taken all necessary precautions for employees, customers, partners and vendors.


Intellect Risk Analyst

Veracity. Volume. Variety.

What Risk Analyst can do with the data that you need is absolutely breathtaking. It bends over backwards to get you what you need for an underwriting decision.

Intellect Xponent

Data. Orchestration. Machine learning.

Leave the stress of the underwriting process on the surface. Dive in to know the orchestration of underwriting to achieve a magical transformation.

What’s under the hood?



Machine learning

Machine learning

Big data

Big data

What they are saying about us

Intellect SEEC is making people talk for the right reasons.


“Intellect Risk Analyst is a purpose-built AI solution for insurers.”

Novarica’s report on AI-based platforms in insurance


“Intellect SEEC can help drive deeper policyholder engagement.”

In the latest P&C report by Aite Group


“We use Intellect SEEC’s technology for predictive analytics, risk modeling and actuarial pricing.”

– Dan Dijak,
Director of Product Development
e-commerce, StarStone Insurance

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