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Intellect Claims is an intelligent and comprehensive claims product for life and annuity. It orchestrates the entire process from notification to settlement and makes it easy for you to focus on the beneficiary.


Managed claims workflow brings together guided processes, business rules and product specific requirements

Effective integration with multiple policy admin systems

Intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface


Improved productivity and increased customer satisfaction in claims

Faster product creation and rollout by business users


Benefit calculation engine automatically computes the payout amounts

Claims assessment helps identify fraud and leakages

Extensive rules and audit trail for regulatory requirements

Intellect SEEC’s already strong claims solution is going to get much stronger

- Aite Group

Aite Groups Impact Matrix report titled Life Insurance Claims Vendors in North America: Evaluating Stand-Alone Systems has positioned Intellect SEEC among leading claims software provider. In the report, Aite Group has billed us as ‘Best in Class’ in multiple categories.

The Aite Group report states - "Intellect SEEC is a strong technology company in terms of digital and analytical capabilities, and it puts the customer experience at the forefront of its technology. It has a solid claims tool that provides some key differentiators in the market, but what’s more important is what is on its horizon. Intellect SEEC has already begun its major claims transformation. These improvements look to leverage its Intellect SEEC platform (currently hosted on Amazon Web Services) as it relates to data connectors utilizing structured and unstructured data analytics, AI, RPA, chatbots, the internet of things and telematics for wellness, and deep image learning. Intellect SEEC’s already strong solution is going to get much stronger going down this path."

What’s under the hood?


Intellect Claims comes with pre-built data loaders for migrations and ACORD interfaces to existing assets and home-grown internal systems.


Intellect Claims sets you up for a multi-channel experience throughout the customer lifecycle across web and mobile. Your examiners and processors can automatically receive claim notifications submitted through web and mobile channels. It provides real-time collaboration and automated workflow.

Workflow orchestration

Intellect Claims takes all of the elements that make claims processing so complex—managing a large amount of information, multiple work streams and intricate calculations—and brings them together in an intuitive environment.

Better fraud prevention and regulatory compliance

Fraud detection modeling and algorithms reduce fraudulent death, increased accuracy in details of foreign deaths, and help identify contestability gaming patterns.

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See Intellect Claims in action

Learn how we can help speed up your claims process by signing up for a demo.


See Intellect Claims in action

Learn how we can help speed up your claims process by signing up for a demo.