Want to see our products in action? Let our experts help you get started

Lakshan De Silva, Intellect SEEC CTO, will be presenting at Dig In this year with Jayashree Ishwar, Chief Underwriting Officer, Amerisure Mutual Insurance on Thursday, May 30 at 2:00 pm.

Make plans to attend their session AI Effect: Machine Learning Will Make our Broker Experience More Personal. This session is your opportunity to dispel any pre-conceived notions about how advanced technologies, particularly machine learning, is eliminating the human element of the broker experience. Watch as Jayashree and Lakshan do a role play of the broker-client experience based on real-life events and demonstrate how AI tools can enhance the interaction.

You will also want to stop by our booth in the exhibit area to learn how our suite of products is embracing these emerging technologies to provide better solutions for carriers.