Future Proofing Business with Underwriting Modernization: An Innovation Partners Perspective on Transformation for Enhanced Profitability

  • Explore new and emerging innovation themes set to impact the future of underwriting and identify the winners and losers in the transformation race
  • Recognise the value in innovating with the right partners, consider common challenges and discover tactics to tackle them for a profitable implementation
  • Identify the best practice that will enable success when deploying exponential tech and understand how to ensure a high return on investment by identifying solutions that fit your ecosystem now and are future-proof
  • Understand the significance of your IT partner in leveraging different tools to help with decision-making and highlight strategy to help you stay ahead of the curve


James McKenney,
EVP Business Head & Chief Strategy Officer, Intellect SEEC

Christopher Frankland, Founder, Managing Director InsurTech360.com

Innovation Showcase

Watch a demo of our end to end underwriting suite of products. See how our AI solutions are helping carriers automate underwriting, bringing efficiency and modernization to commercial lines.


Amit Raj
Amit Raj,
VP, Product Delivery – Underwriting

Underwriting USA
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