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Deliver insurance on
a single platform

Enterprise Application development takes too long and is prohibitively expensive. Intellect Fabric allows you to build Cloud Native, Enterprise Grade insurance applications that leverage machine learning and big data - in days.

Cloud Native Platform.
Configure. Configure. Configure.

Update to user interface, rules and workflow has to be instantaneous with zero downtime, yet governed with the ability to be rolled back. Intellect Fabric lowers your cost and time to deploy enterprise applications by keeping the project focus on configuration and integration.

Reduced technology obsolescence

Intellect Fabric takes on the risk of newer technology, so you don't have to.

Cloud-native over in-premise

Many vendors talk about cloud but take it as a fact that no software written before 2015 is Cloud Native. We are about running a single runtime production codebase across every client across the globe. This may be controversial but we do feel it is in your best interest to efficiently utilize your technology investments.

Multi-tenant over single tenant

If you are Cloud Native you are multitenant and this is the secret to keeping our cost low and apply features across multiple clients, so clients can configure their own. But don't worry we keep every tenant's data separate and secure.

Agility over fitment

Fitment is a nebulous term from enterprise tech. It is a measure of slow moving, outdated enterprise software. We see client demands really asking how quickly we can bridge the gaps, and ensure it is configuration and not build.

Algorithms over transactions

Intelligence has surpassed transactions. We believe we have successfully commoditized transactional systems and have spent the last few years pioneering our machine learning journey.

Mobile over web

Lightweight, client-side and responsive. We believe in building for the mobile phone first.

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See Intellect Fabric in action

Learn how we can help transform your company with a platform-led approach.


See Intellect Fabric in action

Learn how we can help transform your company with a platform-led approach.