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Technology that drives us

Our driving force is the customer’s customer. Data is the fuel, machine learning is the engine and cloud is the chassis of this force.


By leveraging cloud, we have been able to make our customers agile and help them overcome the dreaded hurdle of technology obsolescence.

Machine learning

By using machine learning, we provide context to the messiness of big data. ML technology drives our conversational enterprise solutions, risk assessment and underwriting solutions.

Big data

Insurance industry much like others relies on data to measure what matters. But, what if the quality of the internal data is outdated? We have now made it possible to harness big data at the right volume, velocity and veracity.

Fabric of our technology

With our product, Intellect Fabric, we brought down cloud, big data and machine learning to the realm of reality.

Fabric is a single platform for insurers to build cloud-native, enterprise grade, machine learning applications to strengthen the core of your operations in days.

Design in action

Design in action

Our approach to innovation is powered by design thinking, a method that allows us to adopt an empathetic perspective in creating new solutions while also integrating logic and deep research.

The FT 8012 Design Center is a physical manifestation of our commitment to design thinking. The first such facility of its kind in the industry was set up in Chennai, India, and opened for collaborative workshops in 2013. The center demonstrates our ability to connects the dots between business, technology and operations, and accelerates transformation for customers.

Purple People

Purple People

As big data, cloud, machine learning and IoT technologies get set to define the business landscape, it is now more essential than ever before to have people who can bridge the gap between technology and business. Now more than ever, people who can ease the transition of an enterprise into the inevitable digital future are required. People who can not only conceptualize what the future holds, but also get it down to the brass tacks. The Purple People.

Coined by Wayne Eckerson, a thought leader in business intelligence and analytics, Purple People is a term that represents those who can speak the languages of business and technology with equal confidence.

At Intellect SEEC, we thrive at the intersection of business, technology and customer contexts. We have grown from strength to strength by understanding the opportunity, the empathy to understand the customers and the know-how to configure technology to make the connection.

We bleed purple.

Purple spirit

Meet Barbara Stanton, Marketing and Media Relations Manager

Barbara is a true example of what we mean by Purple People. In the 20 years that she has been with us, she has seen us fail, grow, push forward and emerge as one of the leading InsurTech players.