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Bring out your AI game with Xponent

Elevate Underwriting Transformation by 10x


Faster Underwriting Decision Cycle time


Data Insights with AI Powered Risk Alerts


Improved Collaboration, Underwriting Discipline and Consistency

Our approach to data-driven commercial underwriting

Cognitive Intake

(incoming Proposal B2B/D2C)

  • Profiling & Data Enrichment/
  • AI led Risk Insights through External Data Sources
  • Contextual
    Risk Alerts &
    Underwriting Guidelines
  • Sharpen Pricing
    with Account

prospecting and Underwriting Appetite


Risk Analysis and Assessment


Pricing/ Quoating


Bind/ Issue





  • Digitize Internal Carrier Data through ready API’s
  • Integrated Rating with Pre-built Adapters
  • Collaboration through Workflows and Rules
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Why Xponent?

Intellect Xponent is an intelligent workbench that utilizes big data, risk analysis frameworks and a customized workflow to provide a truly next-gen experience in commercial underwriting.

With Xponent

Advanced submission processing

Cognitive Intake with 98% accuracy to:

Substantially improve submission accuracy, mitigate data error related risk while simultaneously increasing overall throughput speed and efficiency of your underwriting team.


Without Xponent

Inefficient underwriting process

Disparate Intake sources create inconsistent or incorrect submission data leading to premium leakage and mitigatable risks.

Especially the manual and paper intensive submission can only ensure basic data accuracy, the lack of ability to properly store the data for quick collaborative access without interrupting core-business continuity.

Validated and enriched data with real-time accuracy

Risk Insights through 5000+ data points to:

Empower your underwriters with real-time data to craft the perfect policy you get; real-time 360-degree intelligence reports on your customer’s properties and locations within seconds, protecting your risk at all times.

Inadequate or outdated data requiring manual validation

On average, 60% of an underwriter’s time is spent on non-qualitative tasks.

Manual data searches and consolidation, removing noise and filtration combined with legacy-driven sources has low coverage and is expensive considering its validity tenure.

Account-centric underwriting with AI-driven risk monitoring

Account Centric Risk view to:

Ensure the accuracy of your decisions. Combined with intelligent orchestration of data, processes, rules and real-time collaboration between your teams.

Policy centric underwriting with collaborative difficulties

Policy Administrative Systems (PAS) providing transactional view

PAS is designed for providing a transactional view limiting the holistic risk determination of an Account.

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How can Xponent be configured to benefit your underwriting operations?

Cognitive Intake

Automated data intake and enrichment process, removing redundancies and improving overall underwriting quality.

Risk Analysis

Process both structured and unstructured data. Validate submissions using truth factor algorithms and create alerts based on customized scoring models based on your risk appetite.

Workflow and Business Rule Engine

Xponent offers a highly configurable workflow for submission across multiple lines of business in your commercial underwriting process.

This includes but is not limited to underwriting review rules, pre-defined underwriting guidelines, eligibility criterias, variations and exceptions based on your personalization needs.

Account Centric View

Account monitoring across multiple lines, audits, loss control and transactions. Integration with carrier systems for high efficiency and faster turnaround.

Product configurator
Product Configurator

Enables quick roll-out of new LOBs based on predetermined rules and workflows for data, risk and process. You can also create schedules & position 'underwriting questions' to be asked at different stages of a customer's life cycle of interactions.

Endless benefits that give you the competitive edge to improve your customer portfolio!

Xponent searches across thousands of data sources to ensure the veracity of your customer’s submission data, subsequently identifying risk indicators with advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) while learning from your underwriters, the best data to use.


Increase underwriting throughput by at least 30% to 40%.


Seamless collaboration between underwriters and agencies.


Intuitive dashboards with 40+ reports on process, performance and other administrative insights.


Sharpened renewal retention and pricing based on real-time risk monitoring.


Multi-product and multi-quote view for comparative analysis.

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