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Insurance is complex,
but our solutions leverage
big data, AI and conversational technologies to make it intuitive, engaging and insightful.

We have been working with insurers across the
globe for over 20 years. However, we still consider
ourselves as challengers. We work with established
industry players and game changers alike to
achieve a confluence of purpose and capabilities
that questions the status quo and delivers
exponential results to our network of stakeholders.

Born out of core system modernization, we have matured
into a technology partner that can help you leverage
next generation technologies to make insurance truly
about the most important stakeholder—the insured.
We pride ourselves in working with our customers to
overcome the barriers of new technology adoption
and create a pathway for success. But most of all, we
are proud of our ability to create the dream
team that dares to envision the future, does not
hesitate to question the norm, but has the humility to
get down and get the work done. Our vision is to
work with clients and partners to deliver intelligent
software that redefines insurance.

What drives us

Solve problems innovatively

It's the outcome that matters. It's all about the business case. Our goal is to make things work in reality to ensure the outcome.

Constantly push boundaries

We challenge ourselves, our customers and our partners to aspire and deliver a better outcome, every time.

Be humble

We work together. We collaborate. We roll our sleeves up and deliver the outcome. Technology is only as good as the outcome it creates.


In this world of artificial intelligence, the human to human connection is the most important. We empower people to lead, experiment, fail and succeed together.

The team

We are a team of data scientists, AI developers, product architects and engineers working together to create intelligent software products for the insurance industry.